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Workers Compensation Fund

With effect from 1 July 2015, a new statutory social security scheme know as Workers Compensation Fund (WCF) came into effect effective. WCF is meant to compensate workers (or their dependants if the workers die), for accidents suffered and diseases contracted in course of employment as per provisions of the Workers Compensation Act No. 20 of 2008. (Copy attached for your reference).All employers in Tanzania Mainland are required statutorily to contribute to the fund. The employers should remit contributions to the fund on monthly basis at rate of 1% (for employers in the private sector) and 0.5% (for employers in the public sector)  of all employer’s monthly wage bill (basic salary plus all allowances). The contribution is due within one month following the month of the payroll i.e. WCF contribution for July 2015 should be paid before the end of August 2015.

These contributions can be remitted through electronic transfers or cheques and employers should also fill and submit to the Fund Form No WCP-1 to support the remitted contributions, these forms are available at the Funds office or downloaded at the website of the Ministry of Labour and Employment ( We have attached the downloaded forms for your reference. Similar to SDL, the WCF contribution is an employer cost. We have attached a number of relevant documents to guide you in your compliance with the WCF requirements.

Should you require any assistance in this regard, please feel free to contact Rook Consultants.

Attachment: attachment THE_WORKERS_COMPENSATION_ACT_2008