Rook Consultants Limited

Why choose Rook Consultants as your preferred business and tax advisors?

With so many tax and accounting consulting firms, ranging from the big four accounting/tax firms to a multitude of smaller firms, why should you choose to work with Rook Consultants?

We set out below some key values and benefits that you and your organization will enjoy and gain by choosing Rook Consultants as your preferred tax and business advisor.  We believe our clients are very important; they deserve special attention, dedication and quality services.  In line with this belief Rook Consultants is very unique in its approach to serving clients.  Our various clients have indicated to us that they want to see and feel the following while dealing with Rook Consultants and we promise to keep these values and keep improving them over time:

a. Professionalism and quality of work

Rook is under strong leadership from two Directors, who are also founders of the company. With a combined tax and business consulting experience of more than 17 years working with the big 4 accounting firms, the Rook Directors are dedicated and committed to ensuring the highest level of professionalism and quality of work offered by Rook to its clients and potential clients.

Rook is also dedicated and committed to employ the best graduates, with the best relevant academic qualifications and character; and train or empower them to be the best in consulting and therefore add value to the staff and to Rook’s clients.

Rook brings to you in-depth knowledge and practical experience of the Tanzania business and tax environment

Our clients can therefore focus their thinking and efforts to their core business while having the peace of mind and assurance that their tax matters and/or other business support activities are properly, accurately and timely taken care of by Rook Consultants.

b. Client relationships and dedication

We believe that the quality of work depends on the quality of the relationship between the Rook personnel and our client’s personnel.  It is not just a matter of preparing a tax computation or conducting a VAT refund audit or preparing a piece advice - the quality of the interactions and relationship between the people involved affects the quality of the work.

Therefore while maintaining the professionalism and high quality of work, Rook believes in investing in strong understanding and business relationships with its clients.  This will ultimately transform into a strong knowledge of the client’s business, opportunities and challenges and improve our ability to offer you practical advice and recommendations. 

Rook will strive to initiate both formal and informal meetings with client personnel in order to catch-up on any business changes, developments, opportunities and challenges.

c. Flexibility and Personalized Services

Rook Consultants does not believe in a copy and paste type of consulting.  We believe every client is unique, with unique management and personnel, with a unique vision and business approach.  With all these in mind Rook, will treat each client uniquely.  We will always invest time to study our client’s business, visions and strategies and our tax and other business support services should ultimately be in congruent with our client’s vision and business strategy.

We also do not believe in being rigid and/or bureaucratic.  The business world is changing so fast and as a business you need an advisor who is fast enough to see and adopt profitable changes and offer the same advice to you and guide you in implementation of good ideas.

If speed, flexibility and ingenuity are the qualities you are looking from your tax and business advisor then Rook stands tall in all the consultants you can find out there particularly in the Tanzanian market.