Rook Consultants Limited

Rook Consultants - The meaning, philosophy and origin

A Rook is a chess piece. Each player in a chess game has two Rooks which are located at the corners of the chess board. The Rooks act as the cornerstones or the pillars that support the other chess pieces.

The Rook is also known as the castle and the Rook piece is mould in the shape of a medieval castle. In the medieval times, the castles were fortresses which protected the king and other noblemen against enemies. Therefore the place of a Rook or a castle is critical and pivotal in any strategy or tactic. Chess is a game of strategy and tactics and each chess piece has to be deployed into the field of play in a strategic manner. The aim of the chess game is to attack the opponent’s king and the chess game ends where a king is under attack and cannot be protected or cannot hide/run. In this position the king is in a check mate. The Rook plays a major role in ensuring that the king and other chess pieces are adequately protected during the chess game.

Rook Consultants Ltd was formed with the aim of providing tax, accounting, legal and business services support to businesses; and allow the businesses concentrate on their core objectives. Just like the Rook piece in the chess game, we aim to provide tactical and strategic support to our clients and their business. We also aim to be a cornerstone in assisting them achieve their core objectives. Rook’s ultimate mission is to be your partner and provide your business with solutions which will make tax, accounting and other financial matters less taxing!